Why Join INSIA?

To acquire rare and sought-after skills by working alongside experts

INSIA was founded by engineers & pioneers in France who are experts in application and desktop virtualization technologies. Being a part of our team gives you the opportunity to observe and learn from recognized experts every day, and learn about cutting-edge technologies that are rare and in demand in the job market. INSIA values transmission, learning, and curiosity, and offers certification training to all its engineers.

A career filled with growth opportunities

At INSIA, your talent is recognized and valued. We give you the freedom to grow regardless of your age and seniority. You will therefore have the opportunity to take part quickly in our major projects. This helps you to become an expert in your field, besides developing various new skills( management skills, etc).

Be a part of great culture

INSIA has a friendly environment as everyone knows one another. We are a close-knit team that promotes mutual support. Hence we have got your back, to support you in all the phases.

Freedom to work in your style

INSIA operates mainly in project mode. Thus, each engineer manages his portfolio of clients independently. Remote work has also become an integral part of how we operate. Hence you have the flexibility to work either from your home or from office.

Innovation at the core

Innovation is in our DNA. INSIA is committed to constantly innovating by developing new activities, integrating new partners, etc. Be a part of this contribution!

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