Audit & Consulting

INSIA has been helping companies of every size and from every field for many years. We have an experience about virtualization of servers, desktops and applications. Far from applying ready-made solutions to necessarily unique and specific architectures, we have developed a real sense of personalization, allowing us to comprehend each Information System in its singularity. We can thus offer you fully personalized solutions exactly meeting your needs.

With this approach, we can help you qualify your infrastructure or assessing the relevance of a project according to your needs and environment.

Before making any decision, we assess the performance of your IT system. For INSIA, this step is crucial since it will help us deciding what will be the best solutions for your infrastructure.

When formulating recommendations, if there is no product or solution matching your expectations and needs, we can offer to develop specific applicative solutions for you.

After the audit of your system, INSIA advises you about the relevant actions and solutions to optimize your performances and costs. To do this, our engineers suggest you a practical case of the recommended solution through a mockup or a pilot so that you can have a better comprehension of it.