INSIA supports you and gives you advice about:


Going from a non-virtualized to a virtualized architecture (servers, desktops, applications)

Implementation of storage solution

Implementation of an efficient and relevant storage solution

Implementing a Security solution

Implementation of a reliable security solution matching your needs

IT Outsourcing

Evolution and/or optimization of a virtualized architecture

Implementation of thin clients

Implementation of thin clients

You can rely on the expertise and professionalism of INSIA for all these operations and more. While recognizing that every Information System and each integration phase are inherently unique, the main steps typically involve:

Initially, our engineers undertake the installation and configuration of your servers and workstations, marking the integration and deployment assistance phase.

Subsequently, our engineers provide ongoing support throughout the deployment phase and during load testing.

In conclusion, based on your requirements, INSIA offers training sessions for your IT teams to ensure a seamless transition phase.

Our priorities

Durability of installed solution

Durability of installed solutions

Great UX

Good quality of user experience

IT daily life improvement

Improvement of the daily life of IT staff

With over 20 years of high-level training and hands-on experience, our engineers possess the expertise to strategically implement the best solutions under optimal conditions, enhancing the optimization of your Information System.