VMware Workload Security

A proactive approach for more effective risk management

The reality of workload security

Securing modern workloads that are scattered across multiple environments is a major challenge for most organisations. And it’s made even more difficult if you’re still using multiple point-product tools in a siloed way and have misaligned security and IT teams that are constantly firefighting and never in front of the threat.

Changing the way you manage risk and shifting to a proactive approach with one unified platform is the most cost-effective way you can reduce complexity and regain visibility into your workloads.

Why VMware Workload Security?

Carbon Black on vSphere is an agentless plug-in that’s built into your infrastructure. Using your existing vSphere console you can harden, monitor, and protect workloads that span multi-cloud environments and remove the obstacles that are getting in the way of operations and slowing you down.

With Carbon Black, discover how you can:

Simplify your operations and harmonize security across multiple environments with a native cloud platform.

Focus on high-impact actions to quickly close security gaps and prioritize vulnerabilities.

Eliminate silos to reduce risk faster with more efficient use of resources saving you time and money.

Benefits of Carbon Black on vSphere

  • Removes the complexity of running multiple products and agents
  • Extends advanced security functionality into vCenter
  • Streamlines the data gathering process
  • Allows Security and IT teams to collaborate from the same source
  • Aligns policies across multiple security use cases
  • Automated risk and response analysis for faster resolution of threats
  • Continuous monitoring of applications to quickly find and close security gaps
  • Takes the guesswork out of where the next cyberattack will be
  • Uses third-party threat intelligence and knowledge from the VMware community
  • More efficient use of resources that saves time and cost

Next steps

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