Why choose Hitachi Vantara for banking and financial services?

The landscape of global financial regulations is constantly changing, and critical information is often spread across business units, geographies and IT systems. The costs and challenges of ensuring that your organization is compliant with increasingly complex and stringent regulations, while also enabling a data strategy that supports innovation and growth, are overwhelming.

Banking and financial institutions are also facing a technological revolution. Ready or not, digital transformation is changing customer expectations and the way that business is done. The key to the future of your business, including new revenue streams, improved customer experience, and reduced cost of compliance, is in your data. Your data is extraordinarily powerful, but only when you can harness it into actionable information that’s delivered securely, to the right people at the right time.

Not only does Hitachi Vantara help you reduce the cost and risk of compliance in the face of ever-shifting regulatory requirements, but their solutions also align your firm’s strategy and priorities with today’s digitally savvy consumer. Hitachi helps you to deliver a compelling customer experience while respecting data privacy and governance requirements.

Their solutions provide secure, scalable, intelligent, and permissioned access to all of your data, structured and unstructured, wherever it resides

These solutions also help banking and financial services:

  • If you’re hampered by limited visibility into your customers’ behavior, Hitachi Vantara helps you uncover actionable customer insights.
  • If you’re investing too much to meet your risk and compliance needs, we have the technology and experience to help you optimize and shrink that spending.
  • Since the security and safety of your financial data are always paramount, Hitachi’s first-in-class enterprise banking solutions ensure your private information stays private.

Hitachi Vantara is a global leader in banking and financial services and is more committed than ever to the space. Forty-four of the top 50 banks trust Hitachi Vantara to manage their crucial enterprise data and provide 360-degree insight. Shouldn’t you?

INSIA is a long-standing partner of Hitachi. Having worked on several projects in this field, we are familiar with the issues faced by financial institutions. Contact us to learn more and discuss your project.