What is Digital Security?

Every day, everywhere, digital technology is generating new possibilities; new ways to work and play, to transact and interact. We’re surrounded by digital identities and data which need to be exchanged over networks with organizations, people and devices.


As more and more of these devices get connected, they can help us access a range of services including communications, payment and eGovernment. The benefits are obvious – but there are security implications too. Potentially, there are risks for individual identities as well as personal, corporate and government information.

So to safeguard access to these services, two questions are being asked everywhere, millions of times a second. Not by people, but by devices.

“Are you who you say you are?” and “Is my data safe with you?”

Digital Security means answering those questions with solutions that protect and enhance assets and interactions.

Gemalto and Digital Security

Companies and governments use Gemalto’s embedded software and products, and platforms and services, to ask and answer these questions, securely and reliably. We enable our clients – and their customers, employees and citizens – to pay, communicate and identify themselves with confidence.