You have a project of deployment of virtualized workstations or a project of virtualization of workstations ? You want it simple, efficient yet safe…

ZeeTim provides a complete solution, allowing you to develop any project of transformation of workstation, securing of Information System or a project of virtualization. We provide specific solutions for each business, thanks to a team of engineers mastering every technology of virtualization.

ZeeTim has the will to make companies productive, agile and reactive while optimizing their ROI and minimizing their TCO.

Eco-responsibility is at the core of companies’ concerns. We are committed to provide solutions that meet companies’ needs, in compliance with their values and with respect of environment.

A reliable and secure thin client

  • Quality hardware
  • A complete solution thanks to complementary products
  • security guarantee
  • Made in France

Printing solutions

Easy to use solutions to manage your printing operations in a virtualized environment

  • Centrally managed
  • Server stability
  • Bandwidth optimization
  • Secure prints