7 ways to reduce your data center’s carbon footprint and save money with INSIA and Hitachi Vantara

If you want to optimize the environmental impact of your IT storage, INSIA can help, with the help of the world leader Hitachi Vantara. Find out how, in 7 easy steps discussed below.

With the Hitachi Vantara VSP Series, you’ll have all that you need to reduce your organization’s electricity usage, carbon footprint, save money and create a unique competitive edge in the market. Our technology innovation has the scale, speed, and impact that is required to help you achieve your sustainability objectives.

At its core, Hitachi Vantara is a technology innovator, and we are privileged to contribute our experience with eco-friendly technology to help you foster a sustainable future. Here are seven ways Hitachi Vantara can specifically help reduce your organization’s electricity usage & CO2 footprint — without compromise.

1. Choose certified, eco-friendly infrastructure

As the only storage provider with the Carbon Footprint of Products (CFP) certification from CFP Japan, the VSP Series is uniquely positioned to reduce your company’s CO2 footprint and save money.

Hitachi Vantara recently announced the effects of decarbonization in the data center for its Virtual Storage Platform products, including our eight-year long CFP certification across Hitachi Vantara’s entire storage portfolio. This certification visualizes the CO2 equivalent emissions of Greenhouse Gas emissions from the entire life cycle of a product — from raw material acquisition to transportation of the product to disposal and recycling. In addition to the CFP certification, our storage platforms are manufactured in Japan, as opposed to other vendors who manufacture in countries with higher CO2-producing emissions.

In one recent case study, a German-based company reduced its carbon footprint by leveraging the eco-conscious life cycle of Hitachi Vantara systems.

2. Invest in technology innovation that drives decarbonization

At Hitachi Vantara, we are walking the talk. Through technology innovation over the last eight years, we have proven that CO2 footprint per TB per year has been reduced by up to 85% in Japan. As a result, Hitachi Vantara’s VSP products have been developed and certified by the Carbon Footprint of Products (CFP) certification. Because we are the only vendor with this certification, those who adopt the newest VSP series will be leaders in this space.

A CFP certified storage solution from Hitachi Vantara will meet social responsibility goals, lower your running costs, and accelerate your competitive advantage.

3. Manage a chain reaction of data growth

Our Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS) can help reduce CO2 emissions with innovations like enhanced data reduction technology. The change de-dupes and compresses data, which allows customers to store more user data on the purchased capacity.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) 5000 series and the VSP E series provides your organization with a guaranteed 4:1 effective capacity on reducible data formats when you purchase effective capacity. The 4:1 effective capacity ratio applies to compression and deduplication technologies, which have been optimized by Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System RF (SVOS RF) to provide both efficiency and performance. SVOS can also enable non-disruptive replacement of the storage controller to next generation systems without the need for data migration, allowing organizations to avoid a time-consuming data migration project — and with the ability to replace up to seven legacy storage systems.

Finally, Hitachi Vantara supports different media types like NVMe and SAS flash media. Although some competitor solutions use only NVMe media — which has a higher power consumption than SAS media — Hitachi Vantara offers both options, opening up the possibility for CO2 reduction without compromising performance.

4. Recycle and reuse

Hitachi Vantara uses an eternity design mindset to extend the life cycle of our systems throughout the value chain, lengthening system life cycles up to 10 years and reducing the need to replace an entire system or transport it back to the recycling center every three to five years. Hitachi Vantara’s storage products and individual components are also recycled at the end-of-life cycle phase.

At our EMEA distribution center (EBC), for example, the recycling process of compute, network and storage has been optimized to the point where less than 0.02% goes to the landfill. The remaining materials are used in the electronic industry to create new products.

5. Partner with experts in the space

At Hitachi Vantara, we take a holistic approach to the challenge of a sustainable future, and attack carbon on multiple levels. From decarbonizing our offices and our factories, to developing new low-carbon infrastructure, our core competency is in building and installing these systems.

In fact, between generations of our storage solutions, we cut carbon emissions between 30% to 40% compared to previous models — advances only made as a result of our close expertise on the subject.

6. Choose a proven vendor

In a recent customer data center engagement (from a global US bank), we proved yearly environmental and economic impacts of an eco-friendly infrastructure. In other words, how a customer leveraged decarbonization of the data center as a cost-saving activity using Hitachi Vantara systems. The customer made the following savings and gains:

7. Prioritize both business & eco goals

Adapting to an eco-investment environment will be a challenge for many companies, as the change will require shifts in the existing culture, technology and processes. Think of this change as an investment.

Instead of investing in a solution that is “good enough” for today, consider a solution that won’t cost you more tomorrow. Changing your approach to the life cycle of products and IT economics can pay dividends in the future, especially as it relates to corporate social responsibility and eco goals. With Hitachi Modern Storage Assurance, you can reliably address your solutions’ life cycles with an eye on sustainability.

INSIA is a Hitachi Vantara partner and has been an expert in virtualization and IT storage for 25 years. Contact us to know more and discuss your project.