The daily management of your Information system is a crucial issue; The smooth running of your business depends on it. Expensive, heavy and complex, it can have strong negative consequences on your core business if it is not performed by professionals.

Conversely, imagine the possibilities of an Information System entirely managed by virtualization experts: a rational resource management, up to date system and applications, a technical team at your disposal to answer your questions… So now, you can fully focus on your core business and enjoy the potentials of an expertly managed Information System.

INSIA can handle a part or all of your Information System through an outsourcing service defined in a contract, provided by Citrix specialists and virtualization experts.

By entrusting your Information System to highly qualified and experienced engineers, you can focus on your core business and optimize your costs.

Last but not least, you get the benefit of the virtualization professionals who combine their different fields of expertise. Outsourcing allows you to optimize the performance of your Information System, and to increase its potential.

No surprises : the scope of our services is strictly defined in a specific contract that guarantees you an agreed level of quality and delivery time.

Outsourcing by INSIA means :

Etoile  Continuous monitoring of your IS
  Dedicated technical support
  Properly installed updates at the right time
  Optimization advice
  Downtime reduced as much as possible
  Guaranteed security

  Secured hosting of your servers in a 3 Tier datacenter

Feel free to contact us, and let’s study your project together.