With INSIA and VMware Tanzu, provide your developers a fast, efficient and secure cloud environment


Whether you are fully invested in the public cloud or managing a hybrid application infrastructure, your software portfolio likely consists of new cloud-native apps and microservices, as well as long-standing, monolithic apps that require constant maintenance and updates. To excel in all these cases, you must be skilled at software development. This means prioritizing the entire software development life cycle, including building, delivering, and managing the apps, as well as the platforms and infrastructure on which they run, such as public cloud, containers, and VMs. Additionally, you must maintain a culture of innovation while keeping costs under control and enforcing governance.

Is it an equation impossible to solve? Not necessarily.

VMware Tanzu Application Platform is an integrated platform that helps companies develop and deploy software quickly and securely with a wide range of developer tools and a pre-defined path to production.

VMware Tanzu can help you build the internal practices needed to foster innovation, modernize your operating models, and support technology initiatives that control the bottom line. Take advantage of open-source innovation, securely, while optimizing the investments you have made in infrastructure and employee upskilling.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of what Tanzu helps you to achieve:

Enhance developer productivity and user experience

  • Unlock developer productivity with a Kubernetes abstraction layer enabling faster, more secure app design, development, and delivery.
  • Jumpstart app development. Use preconfigured cloud native pattern templates to bootstrap new applications.
  • Boost developer velocity. Get a consistent GUI to bring services and APIs together in one management portal.
  • Accelerate the path to production. Secure software supply chains automate out-of-the-box app deployment.

Runs on any compliant public cloud or on-premises Kubernetes cluster

Tanzu Application Platform supports a multi-cloud environment and runs on any API-conformant Kubernetes distribution.

Build with a modular, composable platform

The operations team uses Supply Chain Choreographer to create preapproved paths to production with security and compliance baked in to take the committed code to production. The platform is modular so teams can easily swap the supply chain components to meet business needs. Ops teams can customize the supply chain to use their favorite tools and pre-built container images.

Rely on a repeatable, end-to-end DevSecOps experience

  • Happy developers. With quick onboarding, instant access to dev tools for rapid iteration, and the ability to debug code straight from their IDE, developers can deliver apps to production seamlessly and more securely.
  • Enhance DevOps efficiency. As developers finish writing code, the supply chain is triggered automatically, providing a continuous path to production. This makes the handoff from Dev to Ops frictionless.

Some use cases

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for Kubernetes

Organizations deploying cloud-native apps on Kubernetes infrastructure, whether on public-cloud or self-owned on-premise infrastructure, aiming to increase developer productivity and simplify app development with PaaS. This frees developers from operations and allows them to focus on coding.

App modernization and legacy app migration

Transform important business apps interacting with middleware stacks that are 10–15 years old. Eliminate inflexible app servers and stacks that don’t support automation. Take a pragmatic approach to transforming legacy apps: Use a modern, cloud-native architecture and DevOps approach on Kubernetes to refactor and re-platform. Better align crucial applications to rapidly changing requirements.

Data security, compliance, and process automation

Use cloud-native security principles to automate compliance tasks. Build automated systems that log every activity. Use an operational toolchain that can rapidly patch and update components as new bits become available. Embrace immutable infrastructure.

Modern software design

Embrace agile and lean approaches to digital transformation. Build new cloud-native apps featuring an API-first design. Deliver features to users across many devices. Operate at start-up speeds, reducing time to market.


Adopt a microservices architecture and boost velocity. Encourage rapid iteration and small changes to discrete components of a system. Deploy microservices via continuous delivery, and give developers a frictionless path to production on any Kubernetes. Deploy small changes frequently and see big benefits over time. Run apps on a runtime that makes it easy to do the right thing and further your DevOps culture.


Deploy your application on a runtime that can handle high volumes of API calls. This will ensure superior uptime for your enterprise apps and a responsive end-user experience during peak demand, boosting user satisfaction while reducing risk.

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